udn Design Award 2014

CELIA & PERAH P Series - Wireless Speaker

The udn Design Award is a cultural and design prize awarded by the United Daily News Group. The submitted products are evaluated according to creativity, functionality, production–possibility, intuitive use, etc.


2015 Golden Pin Design Award  |  Product design category
CELIA & PERAH P4 Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker

The annual Golden Pin Design Award is the longest-running design award that celebrates products expressly created for the Chinese-speaking market. Participating individuals and companies are judged on their ability to innovate in this dynamic economy.

Cultural and Creativity Award 2016

CELIA & PERAH P4 Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker

The Cultural and Creativity Award encourages innovation of Taiwanese industries through the competition in order to build the foundation for quality life in Taiwan, and strives to become the highest honor in Taiwan’s cultural and creative industry.

2017 Tokyo International Gift Show LIFE×DESIGN Award

  |  Best Technology Award CELIA & PERAH P4 Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker

The Tokyo International Gift Show LIFE × DESIGN Award is a competition between all the exhibitors, which was decided based on the results of voting by every visitor, such as architecture designers, interior designers, distributors and media.

​“CELIA & PERAH” means friendly, energetic and warm.

The “&” is a kind of relationship, we take it as the connections between people and life, user and product. We kept all the modifications to each curve and angle, to genuinely show you every single detail of our design. It shows our great efforts and gives you the best experience.

2015 Reddot Design Award  |  Product design
CELIA & PERAH P Series - Wireless Speaker

The Red Dot Design Award is an international product design and communication design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. The submitted products are evaluated according to the highest standards. The adjudication process follows a canon of strict criteria, which is constantly adapted to the latest findings in formal, technical, manufacturing, societal, industrial and ecological requirements.