AC : 100~240V AC
​DC : 19V / 2A


Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Up to 20 hours (at 80% volume level)

2~3 hours charging time

​5V OUT : USB 5V / 2A

Charge your smart device

Dimension : W440 x H141 x D96 mm

Weight : 2.6 kg / 5.72 lb​​


 Original Beech

Classic design

Enclosure without right angles


Limit the enclosure, release the sound pressure.

Without the seams seen in most cabinets, the P4 formed integrally by the bentwood technique from one layer beech wood and eight layers michelia compressa, which could hold the sound power tight and deliver seamlessly.

The accurately calculated enclosure of the cabinet would seize the power of two 4" full range drivers, make it the biggest acoustic space you' ll find in this size, sound like a big speaker but actually such a small one. It's like nothing you've ever seen before.


2 x 4" 15W Full Range

​1 x 4" Passive Padiator

2 x 2" 20W Tweeter

Frequency Range : 40 Hz to 20,000 Hz
Max Output : 99.72 dB @ 1 M
Amplifier : 48 W RMS

Bluetooth 4.0+EDR
RF Transmit Distance:10 M 
(@open area)
aptX Support
​NFC Support

AUX in : 3.5 mm jack

On the basis of the directivity of treble, we make both two 2" tweeters faced towards sides, the sound would then be reflected from both sides and form a time lag with the sound delivered directly from the front 4" full range drivers, giving the surrounding effect and expand the sound field, which sounds like surround speaker system. Besides, the 3D sound processor inside would bring you the scene just like standing on the spot. The P4 would exceed your expectations to one-piece speakers, portable, easy-to-use and of course the great performance!

The design concept of the P4 is truly presenting the naturalness and ordinariness of wood. The seamless appearance and the warm texture of the P4, conversely, introduce an extraordinary style among the existing speakers, which makes it stand out from the crowd of black boxes.

​​The integrally formed bentwood cabinet

The aptX audio codec is available for consumer and automotive wireless audio applications, notably the real-time streaming of lossy stereo audio over the Bluetooth A2DP connection. This innovative work was focused on bit rate reduction and achieved significant bit rate efficiencies while preserving audio quality. Now music lovers can enjoy the rich listening experience that aptX offer : the pure wireless sound and never compromise on audio quality.

LIVE CONCERT : As real as you were on the spot.

Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX support

Sound is the result of transmission and reflection of the power. Put the same drivers in different cabinets would get different effects, so the enclosure of speaker could be taken as the most important factor to the performance. There's no right angles inside the P4 due to the bentwood technique, reducing the occurrence of standing waves and delivering the clear sound.